mushroom growing shelves
Wide Using 6 Tiers Chrome Mushroom Growing Shelves
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6 tiers chrome mushroom growing shelves

  • 6 Tiers chrome metal wire mushroom growing storage shelves are mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, daily necessities, promotional items, offices, factories, mushroom growing rooms, medical care, etc.
  • After treatment, the surface finish of the chrome-plated shelf has a significant increase in brightness, which is always new, and is more environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable, and not easy to rus.

  • The specification is complete, the variety is wide and can be produced on demand.

  • 6 tiers chrome shelves is unique structure, carbon mesh surface, strong and durable.

  • The open design allows continuous air circulation and reduces the accumulation of dust on the surface. The stored goods are clear at a glance, which is convenient for inventory.

  • The combination form can be changed according to different environmental needs, and countless wire shelves series can be freely combined with different accessories, flexible and easy to install

  • The height of each layer of mesh can be adjusted at will, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 350KG per shelf.

Product Description

Specifications of mushroom growing shelves :

1) Item No.:HD184872A6CW
2) Article:6 tiers chrome metal wire mushroom growing shelves
3)Dimensions (L x W x H):L48"X W18"X H72"
4) Materials:Carbon steel
5) Post dia: 25X1.2 mmt
6) Surface finish:Chrome
7) Loading weight:350 kgs (800lbs) per shelf

Mushroom growing shelves


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